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Speaking with  Rep. Sara Jacobs about Special Education funding.
Meeting with Rep. Juan Vargas, discussing funding for nutritional services.

PLATFORM :  Equity and Funding

Over the past four years, there have been many changes.  Because of the interuption caused by COVID,  I was concerned about the growth and development of our students academically, socially, emotionally and physically. In addressing these areas of  development we have created new learning opportunities for our students.  All students are receiving Arts Education through our VAPA program.  CVESD was recently named as "Best Community in the Arts" for the 4th year in a row.   The concept of the Innovation Station at the Chula Vista Library has expanded to include the Hydro Station, Health Station, and Energy Station with more in development.  This is only possible because of the relationships we have built with local businesses.  Our dual-language program is stellar.   To meet the social emotional needs of our students, we invested in more counseling services. We are also addressing the health needs of our children. Our wellness policy promotes exercise and making healthy choices.  I support creating community schools in Chula Vista which will be a strong infastructure for meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of students.

These accomplishments could only be achieved by collaborating with certificated and classified staff, administrators and parents while keeping the focus on students.

I was elected by school board members from around San Diego County to be a delegate  at the California School Board Association (CSBA).  In this role, I work with board members across the state to improve education for all students.  I talk with National and State Legislators about the needs and successes of our students.  There are two issues that I believe are critical for our students to achieve excellence, Equity and necessary Funding.  These issues are where I will concentrate my efforts.  I will continue to advocate for all students.


Every student is unique.  They come to school with different abilities and different needs.  We must provide each child with the instruction and experiences they need to reach their potential.  If we do the same thing for every child, we will have different outcomes because of their differences.  This means that we must give each student what they need, when they need it.  


Our district has students with  language and cultural differences.  There are students with learning disabilities, some with physical disabilities while others do not face these challenges.  We have students in the GATE program while others are not. Some children have parents in the military, some live in single parent homes. Some students come from affluent families, some are from middle class families and some are living in poverty.  The list goes on.  It is a difficult task to understand and meet the needs of all our children, but it is critical.  

My focus will be on equity and ensuring that all our students reach their highest potential.


The teachers, staff, administrators, parents and community members of Chula Vista have many  outstanding ideas of how to improve students' learning.  Research, innovation and experience have led our district to  implement new strategies, programs and technologies.  Unfortunately, creating  world class schools has a high price tag.  I am a delegate with the California School Board Association.  We are working with State and National Legislators to  get the needed funding for our students.

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