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           MEET LESLIE 

Advocating for all students

     I am very proud to be a board member for the Chula Vista Elementary School District. I have a very strong connection to the district because of my history.  I went to Greg Rogers K - 6.  My children went to Rosebank where I was an active volunteer in their classes and in the Parent Club.  I started my teaching career at Harborside and taught there for twenty years. I finished teaching at Loma Verde.  I was a bilingual teacher my entire career. 

     During my tenure on the board, the VAPA program has expanded, we built 2 new schools with a 3rd coming soon, and modernized all schools.

      Advocating for students is my passion.  I am a delegate for Region 17 of the California School Boards Association (CSBA).  We work together to explain to National and State Legislators how important local control is for education and how they can support all the students of California.


Leslie Ray Bunker.jpg
Leslie with other delegates of CSBA, Region 17

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